Jump Start


Happy Labor Day weekend peeps!

I decided to get a jump start on my challenge this evening. I gave it a test “run” if you will. I think it went pretty well. As you can see from Nike+ Run app picture above, it is about 1.12 miles from my door, to the park, three times around, and back to my door.

I’m testing out a few apps to track my miles over the course of the challenge, including the aforementioned Nike+ Run, MapMyRun and Runtastic. I think my fave so far is RunKeeper. It allows me to add my own goal, namely my 30 miles in 30 days challenge. My run tracker, in combination with my Fitbit tracking my overall steps, floors, calories, and distance for the day, should give a pretty accurate view of how I’m doing throughout my challenge. 

Even though taking on a new challenge can be exciting enough, I think I need a few things to enhance my experience, such as:

  1. New walking/running shoes (I hope to earn/deserve/need these by sticking with my challenge)
  2. A new sports bra (for obvious reasons)
  3. A reflector or vest if I decide to go early or after sundown
  4. An armband for my phone
  5. New workout pants and shirt

I think this is a short, doable, non-flashy list. Maybe even basics to some but as someone who hasn’t committed to this kind of routine before, I think it’s fair I have some things I need to get off to the right start. 

If you can’t tell, I’m a little excited. Again, and as always, wish me luck!

Fitness Challenge: Accepted!

So, I am posting this with the hope it will keep me accountable. I am normally not one to participate in monthly “challenge” events, but something about this particular challenge jumped out at me.

I was browsing Pinterest today and stumbled across a challenge called 30 Miles in 30 Days on the blog, Mother’s Niche. Clearly, the goal is the run 30 miles in 30 days. While the most straight-forward way to complete this challenge would be to do one mile per day, the best thing about this challenge is that instead of saying what I need to do each day, it is giving me a goal for the month, but allowing me to set my own schedule. If for some reason, such as work, school, motherhood, illness, etc., I am unable to get a mile in one day, I can always roll it over to the next day. This built-in contingency might keep me from feeling guilty if life gets in the way of my challenge. Of course, my goal will be to do one mile of walking (running perhaps?) each day.

I was reading an article from Lifehacker the other day about mini habits. How starting off with a very small goal, like one push-up per day (or in this case, walking, running, or swimming one mile per day) can lead to big changes without the pressure of completing a long-term goal weighing on you. I hope that this mindset helps me. That just focusing on way day, one mile, getting moving long enough to accomplish that one daily goal, will help me stay on track.

Wish me luck as I try to stick to this goal. I am hoping the help and motivation of the blog and Instagram participants will keep me going. Starting Monday, I’m off and running! Get it?! 😀