The Purge

First let me say a very belated happy new year. This year came in like a lion and hasn’t really slowed down. I apologize, as always, for my absence.

So onto the purge…not the movie, though, I did enjoy it. What I am referring to is removing toxic people from my life. I am not and have never been good at this. I always keep people in my life past the expiration date. I don’t like to burn bridges. I don’t like to lose touch. But one thing that I realize in my old age that I hate more than those things is being constantly on edge. I know that in life, I will not get along with everyone. Some people will always rub me the wrong way. There will always be that one coworker that you wish would just transfer or quit so you don’t have to deal with them anymore. But what of those in our lives that we choose? Why would I choose to have someone in my life that irks me?

In reality it is a combination of things. I spend too much time on social media. This in turns means I am too connected with others who spend too much time on social media. I see these posts, these statements, these agendas from my “friends” and some of them drive me batty. I am sure my presence has the same effect on others. Each of us telling ourselves that well, if they don’t like it, they can delete me. This defiance feeds the need to post the controversial. The problem is that I truly don’t have the time for it. Family, school, work…all of these things infinitely more important than the latest post about the evils of parents who spank their kids. The “bait” posts as I call them. To bait me into an argument about how this is better than that. In reality, my only belief is usually that we should spend less time judging each other and more time finding out what works for us. But it never works. I just get baited more.

So for now, I’m done. I’m not going to keep feeding the beast inside me that wants to argue these trivial life points. At the end of the day, no one’s mind will be changed. We will just dig our heels in more. So why fret? I am going to free myself from the madness. In doing so though, I have to do something I hate. Delete people. I have to remove those people from my social media life that constantly bait and constantly get on their soap box to talk down to all of us. It is liberating. I feel like I have already lifted the weight of annoyance from my already tired shoulders.

Personal Challenge

Productivity is at the utmost of importance right now because I have so much on my plate. Especially at work. I have taken on additional duties and my time seems to be stretched so thin. This blog post, sadly, is me wasting time not doing dishes, cleaning the littler boxes, doing reading for my current set of classes, or getting an early jump on the next term that starts on Monday. But I feel I need to issue myself this challenge in a public forum. I need an official record of my promise to myself. In that way, it can become a promise to you too, the reader.  Continue reading