The Magnificent Twos

There is so much talk in parent-land about the terrible twos. Actually these days, I hear that three is giving two a run for its money, but I have almost a year before I need to worry about that.

I want to coin a new phrase. The magnificent twos. No, it doesn’t have the same fun alliteration as the terrible twos but I think it is a better description of the time. Granted, I have only been part of this club for a few months, I am seeing that each days brings new wonderment and new challenges that I feel are unique to this time in my son’s life.

What other age offers me the opportunity to look back so fondly at his baby years, and yet look so hopefully toward their future, when I get to see the kind of person he grows up to be? I can still hold, cuddle, and even rock my big boy toddler, but still look back and see his tiny newborn face staring up at me. He wants to do things all by himself but still wants mama when things are hard. I still don’t understand half of what he is saying but I feel like I am having full on conversations with him on a daily basis.

Yes, he challenges us everyday with his new words, his new attitude, his new defiance and rebellion. But he also makes us laugh everyday with his new faces, his new independence, and his new assertiveness. He tells me what he wants, even when it is nonsense, in such a matter-of-fact way that I can’t help but marvel at how his little brain works.

Now, at story time, he tells me what books he wants to read, picks them out, knows them by name, and keeps going back for another book. He knows all of the animals, the characters, and the pictures. He knows how they feel and what will happen next. Not many things make my heart swell more than my son answering the questions in the books that I have been reading him since the day he was born. It is our time. It is the thing we share. The love of books and reading that, even at two, I can tell he will carry with him.

He’s magnificent. Also, cranky and unpredictable, but what do you expect when molars are making their appearance? I would not trade this time for the past, though I look back at it with warmth in my heart. Most importantly, it gives me something wonderful to look forward to each day. Something to work toward. I don’t want to miss any more than I have to because this truly is a magnificent time to have a toddler.