Short for What I’m Doing Now.

Howdy all. Hope 2017 is treating you all right. So per usual, I’m the slacker blogger. Just to mark it down now, it’s March and this is my second post of the year. Yep, you can for sure count that on one hand.

But no matter. One thing I resolve to do less of this year is beat myself up about things I cannot change. I can’t go back and find the time, energy, or material to post in the past, so onward and upward.

To the post at hand. What am I doing now is the question. I’m killing myself to get this gosh-darn thesis done. If we’re keeping track of my slacker tendencies, this is another one. But by all accounts, I’m heading toward the finish line. Meaning, I going to fight tooth and nail to finish ing Spring 2017. #StayHumbleHustleHard

Another thing I’m doing is really working hard on my health and diet. As a lot of you may not realize, I have Type 2 Diabetes. This is something I haven’t talked or blogged much about [even though my blog name was inspired by the fact that I’m a brown mother with diabetes (sugar), get it?!?!]. Since my pregnancy five years ago, I’ve basically slipped further and further back into old habits that had me pre-diabetic in my early 20s and full diabetic by my mid-20s. Not saying there is much I could have done to avoid it all together (it fully runs on both sides of my family, so basically an inevitability) but I could have perhaps put if off until older age with better diet and exercise. Again, we won’t dwell. I rocked a fully diabetic pregnancy with a completely healthy child to show for it. I’ll take my bow now…but since, I’ve not had much to cheer. Add the fact that my husband survived an acute bout of pancreatitis with nothing to show for it but a missing gallbladder and diabetes as well. Now we’re both on the struggle bus.

Focusing on the now. In 2017 I decided to make some moves on things I’ve been pushing off. I really started working with my doctor on my medications and working on myself with the eating. I’ve seen a nutritionist and an endocrinologist this year because my ultimate goal (that has no set date, so do not ask) is to get pregnant again at some point. But this time, I want my blood sugars in control from the beginning. This time, no surprise baby. Planning all the way through.

I’ve also been trying the Ketogenic diet. Hopefully the linked information will help if you’re not sure what I’m referring to. I’ve heard about this and been lightly researching for about a year now. Wasn’t ready to jump in because I was worried about anything too extreme. A few weeks back, I decided to really dive into the literature and medical studies. What I’ve found really made me reconsider my hesitation. I decided to give it a try, and brought my husband along with me. Something wonderful about this is that we both need it and can do it together; something we haven’t had in the past.

Low-carb, high-fat is the name of the game. My goal has been to eat between 40-50g of carbs per DAY (instead of per meal). Technically, this should be 20g of carbs for the day, but I’m trying to play it safe cause of meds, etc. Fats should make up the majority of what I eat, followed by protein. Basically the ratio of macronutrients breaks down to: 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs. Fats are the good ones like coconut oil, olive oil, and butter. Oh yeah, and some bacon too!

It is always good to check your own macronutrient breakdown before stating. The ones above were for me specifically. You can use a calculator to do so.

Breakfasts usually consists of bacon and eggs (or some variations); lunches for example might be a salad with bacon, grilled chicken, and hard boiled egg; while dinner might be meat chili (minus the beans) with peppers and onion; snacks include meat, cheese, nuts, and olives. The first thing I noticed was how full I felt eating this way. The next thing I noticed was how quickly my blood sugars fell. Finally, I noticed that my blood sugars fell, stayed low even with meals, and did so WITHOUT medication.

I brought this information to my endocrinology appointment. This was my first real test. Long story short: They were not having it. Both my endocrinology P.A. and my nutritionist launched into concerned about nutritional ketosis. Part of me wonders if they are concerned about ketoacidosis which is different? Either way, I left feeling confused and frustrated. My blood sugar numbers are great, but they want me eating 180 carbs per day and on an insulin pump. Thinking about this critically, I have to wonder if they have any vested interest in me being off my meds through diet and exercise alone or if it would be better for them if I stayed insulin dependent and in need of monitoring and other medications…I have found research stating that originally, this was the treatment for diabetes. It wasn’t until the invention of artificial insulin, that it because the recommended treatment. Coincidence huh? Just a side-bar, please know that I love a good conspiracy theory! Intrigue!

So for now, I push forward. I like eating low carb. I like how full I feel and I feel less tired because I’m not battling my blood sugars. It has only been two full weeks and I can feel the difference, as does my husband. I will do my best to balance my medication, if I even need it but also my carb intake. I won’t give up carbs fully anyway, because there are just some foods I love and want to be able to eat at times. But maybe that has been the key all along…moderation. At the very least, trying keto, HFLC has made me look at food in a different way. I’ve found creative, delicious ways to eat in a healthful way that doesn’t have to be build around a plate of carbs.

More updates about my diet, progress, battles with the medical community to come…

Final update? I got braids! Since going natural (hair) in September 2015, I’ve been doing my best to grow and maintain my hair. I’ve learned that I do not have “good” hair and will always battle length retention. I have the kinkiest texture and the finest strands…a recipe for breakage! Finding the right way to detangle, the right light-weight products, even styles that my hair will hold has been difficult for the last year and a half. So I decided to take a break. Got box braids installed yesterday and plan on 6 – 8 weeks of wash day and styling relief! #BlessedUp This will also help me survive work and my looming thesis deadline with one less thing to worry about. I mean, how cute is this?


Feel free to share your own updates in the comments. I’d love to hear what you’re doing now! Till next time everyone!

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