FGG Week 1

So, I just finished up my first week of the Fit Girl’s Guide 28-Day Jumpstart. The best way to describe this week was a struggle.

My meal prep got off to a rocky start and I was never really able to regain my footing. I am used to prepping for a few days worth of lunches on Sunday evening, but prepping for three full meals per day was serious. I put off some of the prep and thus was scrambling to put together dinners each day of the week. Snacks were overlooked and I often went off the rails.

Needless to say this committment to clean eating thing is hard work. I think I took it lightly because I had a “guide” to follow. For whatever reason, my thinking has been, as long as I know what to make I’ll just do it. Not so fast…I had three meals spelled out for me but the hard part was the cutting, sauteing, mixing, and cooking for each meal…Perhaps other ladies starting this journey are more skilled in the kitchen but I felt like I was floundering.

Add to that my schedule. This was the last week of classes at work. Being new to this position still, I feel a good amount of pressure right now because I am still learning. Then throw in my master’s program, top with family (arguing with a three year old is no joke!) and you have a recipe for exhaustion.

The exercise portion of this program? Almost non-existent. Drinking enough water? Yeah, no.

For a status update, I will not call this week a loss. I think the majority of what I was ate was better than I normally eat. I increased my whole food intake substantially; barely anyting processed. I made a conscious effort to drink more water and that is steadily increasing, though still not optimal. I cooked for myself healthy, virtually salt-free meals. I exercised. I was conscous of everything I ate. I’ll give myself a passing grade (C) but I won’t say I high acheiving.

While I cannot say that this first week was “successful,” I will say that it was a step in the right direction with the necessity for improvement. This program does not focus on perfection. Nevertheless, self-control and awareness are needed for me to make changes.

On to week 2! I’ve already started my grocery list and know in my mind that I will need to give myself more time and energy toward my food. Wish me luck!

P.S. – Here’s  a look back at some of the things I did well this week 😉

It’s Time to Begin



Happy spring, almost summer peeps!

The time is upon me…I need to decide first, if I am going to graduate school, and second, which program to pursue.

The question of if seems to answer itself. I want to and I think it will advance my career in higher education. At the very least, it will help me get a pay bump when (and if) I move to another position.

So at this point, I have narrowed it down to three programs: 1) Sacramento State – Higher Education Leadership, 2) SNHU – Higher Education Administration, and 3) Colorado State – M.Ed in Education and Human Resources Studies – Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change Specialization–boy is that a mouthful!

How do I decide though?! I have made a pros and cons list but I am starting to think it is all going to come down to money. Sac State is by far the cheapest. But should that be my biggest deciding factor? The problem with Sac State is the schedule. It is a hybrid program that would require in-class commitment. The other programs are online and offer much more flexibility.

Another big factor is that I’ve already been accepted to the Sac State program. Yay me! And the other two being online have rolling admissions and I can apply pretty much anytime.

I have a lot to ponder and I feel like I should just walk way for a while. Take a break from all of the analyzing, number crunching, and planning. Just go with my gut and dive in.

I See Your True Colors

Howdy everyone! As always, I apologize for my absence, but I am back with some fun information to share. This past week, I spent two days at an academic advising conference hosted by our campus for the entire UC system. It was great to interact with my fellow Davis advisors, as well as meet advisors from other UC campuses. One of my favorite workshops was on the True Colors International personality assessment. I LOVE personality assessments! I know my Myers-Brigg Type (INTJ) and my StrengthsFinders: 1) Futuristic; 2) Input; 3) Learner; 4) Intellection; 5) Analytical.

So when I saw a workshop on the opportunity to be even more introspective and learn about my personality, I jumped on it! Here is what I learned.

Below is the breakdown of the True Colors Model


Clearly, only using four colors is going to give a very simplistic view on personality. But I really enjoy this model because, like StrengthsFinders, it focuses on what type of environment you thrive in, what is your best communication style, and what stresses you out. Since this was presented at a professional conference workshop, it definitely focused on how this can effect your work place interactions and happiness. I also see how this can be beneficial in my personal life as well.

So what’s my color?!?! *drum roll* GREEN! And after taking the assessment I can say it was almost a landslide in favor of green. The next closest was gold, then orange but they were only off by one point. Blue was bringing up the rear. One interesting thing I noted was that the majority of the advisors at the workshop were blue (shocker) because I guess helping others falls into their nature. I also feel like each of these colors though can bring something to the advising field. As a green, my analytical way of think, investigation skills, and logic are a benefit to the program coordination part of my job. Also, I feel like my personality pairs well with an academic environment.

In any event, I really enjoyed learning about myself in this way and wanted to share it with all of you. Based on the short descriptions above, what do you think your color is?



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Changes for the Better

My husband and I were talking yesterday and I was telling him how my outlook on tasks, goals, and projects has changed since becoming a mother. What I realized is that because of the permanence of becoming a parent, and more specifically going through pregnancy, I see now how important it is to follow through. Continue reading